Thursday, August 11, 2011

My Existence Was Doomed

I'm feeling much better, so I decided I want to share how I met my Mom and Dad.

Mom said that I was not meant to be. She said that my dog mom came into the pound very pregnant with my siblings and I. The pound decided that instead of having a bunch of puppies around that they were going to abort us and fix my dog mom. I'm not really sure what all that means, but all I remember is being born in the dark and my dog mom taking good care of my siblings and I. Mom says God had a plan for my siblings and I because my dog mom gave birth to us the night before we were to be aborted.

After we were born, they drove a few of us to a different facility because the one we were born at was really full. I ended up being kept in a really small metal square box with my brother. I'm not sure how long I was there, but one evening I saw my Mom and Dad to be. My brother was making all types of noises to try and get their attention so I just sat there and looked as handsome as I could. They picked up and held my brother first; he was squirming all around and still kept making noises. Then it was my turn to be held; I just laid back and relaxed because I knew I was supposed to be theirs. All of a sudden they put me back and took one more look at us and left! I thought, oh no, where are they going! Not too much longer, they came back. I noticed my soon to be Mom had a few tears in her eyes and she came right for me, telling me that I was going home with them. She even kissed my dirty, smelly puppy head! I was going home.

Mom held me the entire car ride, talking with Dad about what to call me. They kept talking about something called hockey and names related to the Wild. They finally kept calling me Mikko, after a hockey player I guess, and that is how I got my name. We stopped at a really bright and cold place where they tried to get me walk around, but I was not having it! I got lots of treats and new toys here, so I like that place now! Mom says its called a pet store. Awesome! A store for dogs! After that, Mom said we were going home. At home I had many firsts there: a bowl of food, had to potty outside in the freezing cold, got to snuggle with my Mom and Dad, and got comfy in my kennel. It was a long and tiring day, but so fun getting to know my parents. Here is a picture of me that first night. Mom says sorry its so dark and blurry.

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