Friday, August 5, 2011

Foster Friday

Sorry this is so late but Mom had to take me to the doctor today because my ear was all swollen and hurt really bad. Mom says I'm on meds now, so hopefully that will help. I'll let Luke take over so I can go rest and get better. ~Mikko~

Hi guys! Luke here. I just wanted to show you real quick how clever I am. Foster mom decided that I needed a blanket over my kennel to keep me extra quiet when they sleep; not sure why because I'm super quiet and sleep through the night. Here is what I mean.
Gets kinda boring in the dark when I'm not tired, so here is what I figured out how to do.
Can you see what I did?!?! I figured out how to pull the blanket inside my kennel so that I can see out and have more to lay on! Aren't I clever!? Hehe!

Until next time!

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