Friday, August 12, 2011

Foster Friday

15 Funny Survey Questions Answered By Luke

Have you ever smelled a banana?
Yes! I like the smell of them, but I wasn't too sure on the texture when I ate a piece of one.

Eaten strawberries from your toes? No, can't say I have...

Poked someone in the ear? No, but I have licked plenty of people in the ear! Hehe!

Licked someones foot? Yes! I think human feet have the best sweet taste!

Put money in your bra? Huh? What's a bra?

If your a guy, have you ever worn a bra for fun? Ohhhh, Foster Mom says those are the things I like to drag out of the closet and chew on.

Eaten a fur ball? Yes! Well I am a dog and I do lick myself, so it's bound to happen.

Licked a swing set? Well sure! I have to taste everything!

Sniffed a cat? Yes! And played tag with one too! Cats are fun!

Barked at someone? Yes! Only because I'm asked to or if I get scared.

Pretended to be a manikin at the mall? Not at the mall, but I do like to freeze and then pounce on my foster siblings to get them to play with me.

Drawn a silly picture? Sort of! I like to draw funny pictures when I pee...

Sung in a public bathroom?Yes! But my version comes out in barks.

Been out with your pants on backwards?Pants are for sissy dogs! I like to go in the nude!

Worn underwear on your head?Another thing Foster Mom says that I find in the closet and play with. It may end up on my head one of these days...

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