Monday, February 27, 2012

Good News and Some Bad News

Hmmm.....which do you want first?

Most people want the good news first, so here goes. Several months ago now, Mom stuck a big sign on me and presented me to Dad. Here's what I looked like:
"Momma's Pregnant!"
There was lots of shocked and smiling faces, so I guess that was good news. I'm not really sure what the sign and the funny faces meant, but Mom tells me that things are fine and not to worry.

The bad news is that I'm going to have to take some time off from visiting my pals at the shelter for kids. :( I'm not too excited about this, but Mom says it has to be done for now. I hope we can visit again really soon!

I also promise there are some great pictures I want to share of my sister and I; I just don't have them right now, but I will try and get them to you soon!

Until next time!


Saturday, January 21, 2012

Its Been Awhile

The Mom here.

I have been very busy and distracted lately, so Mikko has not had a chance to write anything lately.
:( We hope to be writing soon because we have lots of good things to share and some wonderful pictures too!

Stay tuned...

Saturday, October 29, 2011

Late Foster Friday: Happy Birthday Mikko!

Luke here!

Just wanted to say Happy belated Birthday to my foster brother Mikko! He is getting to be an old man; he is 3 years old. He had a great day relaxing and hanging out with Mom and got to have some yummy birthday cake. Like his tie?

I had a great time at the pit bull awareness day last Saturday. I got to meet all types of new people and dogs. Mom gave me lots of treats because I was being so good. I even got to help a new puppy to the rescue get used to walking around on a leash; he became my walking buddy there. It was fun to be useful! :) I wish I had some pictures to show you. :( I'll see if Mom can ask someone for some pics. Later buddies!

Thursday, October 27, 2011

A Pit Bull Changed My Life

The Mom here.

I just had someone recently ask me where and how do I get the ideas to do all the volunteering (I'll save that for another post later) I do. I could easily list off several names of people that have helped me get to where I am today, but the more I thought about it I realized that everything I do now is because of my dogs; who knows where I'd be today if it wasn't for rescuing a pit bull we named Emma.

I was heading down a long road of schooling towards a career as a psychologist, just got married 6 months prior, was a homeowner for about 1 month, and was thinking about getting a dog in about 6 months when I got word of a dog that needed a home. My brother had been taking care of this 5 month old puppy that his roommates had got from a humane society; the roommates decided they were not ready for a dog and wanted to return her. My brother loved the goofy girl that he'd been caring for and did not want to see her returned to the humane society, so he called me asking if I wanted a dog. We were not ready for a dog, but his story about her was tempting, so I asked what breed she was....a pit bull. I was just like many of you that believed the media about pit bulls; I was unsure if they could be trusted and be good dogs. I decided to give her a chance and go and meet her. She was not what I expected! I'm not sure what I expected; maybe a shy, fearful dog or a dog that would growl and bark at me. She was neither. As soon as I walked in the door she bounced off the sofa and tried to jump in my arms because she was so happy to see me. She was a goofy girl because she couldn't get her legs to work right on the hard wood floors and was slipping and sliding everywhere. I fell in love with her immediately and took her home. It didn't take us long to see that she was an awesome dog; she didn't bark at anyone and loved everyone she met. Our minds were changed forever about pit bulls.

From there on out we became huge pit bull advocates; fostering pit bulls and getting our beloved Mikko. My career path has changed over the years after falling in love with pit bulls. I thought I wanted to have a career working with animals and therefore got off my path to be a psychologist and went towards vet tech or vet. It quickly turned into loving how to train dogs and I started working and training with a dog training facility. My final stop on my career path is social work. I came to this stop from my therapy dog work with Mikko and the shelter/residential kids we visit.

It's weird for me to think back at how different I was just 5 years ago and how it was changed by a pit bull. I wish everyone would take the chance I took to get to know a pit bull because they just might change your life. :)

Saturday, October 22, 2011

Pit Bull Awareness Day

Happy Pit Bull Awareness Day! :)

Luke will be back on Friday to chat about how he spent the day and Mikko's birthday is on Friday too!

Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Rocky Start But Great Ending

Hi guys, Mikko here.

I finally got to go visit the kids again; I haven't been in like a month and a half or something like that! Needless to say, I was a little naughty because I forgot how things go there. I had to wait for my other pals to get there and in the meantime I was too intrusive with several people and had one kid stare me down, which I'm not too fond of. I could see and feel Mom start to get worried about how I was acting so I tried to tone it down a bit and relax. Luckily my pals showed up and I forgot all about being naughty and was focused on saying hi to my four legged pal.

We talked about dog safety this time with the kids. They learned how to approach a dog and their owner and how to react to a stray dog running loose. I had lots of fun snuggling with the kids! I even laid my big head right in one of the girl's lap and she just oo'ed and ahh'ed over me. I love it! I was a big hit with the kids as usual; they seem to love my big goofiness. See Mom, I can still be a hit even when I stress you out! My four legged pal was a hit with his awesome trick; he does the bang trick!

Mom and the teacher lady was talking about me afterwards saying that you can easily read from my facial expressions what I thinking....I think this sounds creepy, but Mom wants to see if she can get this caught on camera sometime to show you guys. We'll see if I'll allow that....until next time!

Friday, October 7, 2011

We're Back and Foster Friday: Update!

Mikko here.
I was totally bummed that my visit to the children's home got cancelled; but not to worry I'll be there visiting this coming Monday and will have lots to share about it later. :) Now I'll let Luke fill you in on what he's been up to.

Hi friends! Luke here.
I had such a good time at the Renaissance festival! I got to meet all types of people and made several dog pals, I even got to meet a large animal that my foster mom calls a horse. Wow, those things are huge! My foster mom was so proud of me, she says I did a really awesome job walking beside her with all the commotion going on. Here are some pics of my experience.

I love riding next to my buddy Baron!

Enjoying some attention
My other dog pal Molly
I was so tired afterwards!