Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Don't Try Too Much In One Day!

Mom decided that after the law school visit that we would go home and rest for a few hours and then try and go to the hospital for a visit. Well.....I was REALLY tired! I tried to show Mom that I was tired by laying around and even snoring, but that didn't work and off we went to the hospital.

Things started out fine.... I got to visit with a few very nice people and I tolerated it, but things got a little crazy. Mom said things were very disorganized, more than usual, which upset her and I sensed that and got cranky! To make a long story short, we ended up having to leave early because of my crankiness and how disorganized things were.

Once again, Mom learned a lesson..... don't try too much in one day! :)


  1. if i am reading between the lines correctly, this sounds like it was rather stressful. i hope everything turned out ok and that the hospital folks present were also able to recognize that the disorganization was an issue and that you were not to blame!

  2. The Mom here. :) Yes, it was very stressful and irritating because I work there and they should know better. Unfortunately, because my boy is a Pit someone there said "maybe he shouldn't be doing this kind of work." That made me mad but also makes me work harder to make sure I protect my dog and his breed. I did have a chat later with my fellow coworkers and told them that they are going to lose therapy dogs if they let it get like that again. Thankfully I have heard they have changed for the better and things are running much smoother.