Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Break Time

Since our last lesson learned, Mom decided that we should take a break from visiting the hospital and focus more on getting experience visiting elsewhere. I think Mom was bummed that we needed to take a break, but it's ok we will be back!

Our latest visiting experiences has mainly been visiting nursing homes. We have been a few times to the one we have gone before and one new one. I have to admit that I met someone with a different type of hat on and it scared me! :( I think I need to get out more often, so I can see and meet all types of people. I'll get Mom right on that!

My favorite moment visiting at the new nursing home was a very sweet lady who was SUPER excited to see me and she just loved me up by petting me, talking to me, and asking Mom all types of questions. It was great to get that kind of feedback from someone at a nursing home. :) I also got to give a big kiss to a lady that wanted me to and I got a great treat from this because she had ice cream all over her face. Yum!!!



  1. our Chick always loves giving big kisses to people with food on their faces too -- maybe that's why he likes kids and grandmothers the most?

  2. That's awesome! Your Chick is adorable! I bet he gives huge slobbery kisses just like Mikko. :)