Monday, February 21, 2011

While I Wait.....

My mom says that I'm waiting to get my bandanna, tag, and badge to be able to start visiting people. I decided I do not like waiting, so I took my mom for a practice visit!

For our practice visit, we went to a place that my mom called a nursing home. I got to meet a bunch of new dog pals that were also visiting! Mom thought I was getting a little too excited with all the new dogs and people, but I just couldn't hold back, I wanted to take it all in at once! So many new smells to investigate and new people to meet!

I'm not sure why the people that live here at the nursing home look different....yet maybe wiser, but I sure do like they way taste! They have food crumbs all over and they give the best smiles! They are really nice people, that really seemed to enjoy my company. One very nice lady even sang to me! I felt so honored that I gave her an extra big kiss!

I can't wait to go back!

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